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Our Beers

To us, brewing beer is a form of art. We strive to create masterpiece beer, so it becomes more than just a beverage. Rather something that is about connection, about sensations. In all different kind of moments. 

Your moments. 

We want to be part of the creation of those moments. Moments of joy, good company, new experiences, deep conversations. Moments of your own, moments with your loved ones. Moments of revelations and moments of appreciation. 

But first things first: our beers

Supreme IPA \\ Red IPA

We were inspired to craft this beer by the “Black Square” painting of Kazimir Malevich. He introduced a new art style with this piece of art - Suprematism. This style refers to the supremacy of pure feelings rather than objects. 


It has a strong balanced tropical aroma, round fruit and juicy taste with tangible pineapple notes. This red IPA is a bit sweet with a moderate bitter aftertaste.


Light and easy drinking with a complex set of flavours that you can savor for a long time.


Close your eyes, feel the power of flavors and enjoy.

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Our beers
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Black Cross \\ Milk Stout

Our milk stout symbolizes motion, a movement from 'the simple' to the creation of  extraordinary. Just like the second painting by Kazimir Malevich: 'Black Cross'.


We have chosen to use dark roasted malts and lactose to bring a coffee aroma, intertwined with a subtle taste of cream and chocolate. Tailoring the balance of each of these components creates a harmonious picture of flavours: malt, chocolate, coffee and cream.


Appealing directly to your inner nature, this beer also brings out your extraordinariness.

Take a sip, embrace the unusual and be creative!

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