We believe that brewing beer is resembled creating an art, a masterpiece. When all subtle visions come together and take the shape.


Our Mission

We want to make the art of brewing
beer available for everyone.

Build community of friends who enjoys communication and
savor a Great Beer.

Trust and Commitment

We are committed to our clients, partners and communities. We believe in trusted
relationship and mutual support.

Pure feelings and Personality
We focus on the feelings that our beer gives to you from the moment you saw it until the last drop of it dissolved in the mouth revealing interweaving of tastes and aromas.

Each Person is unique and you can always find something special for you in our beers

Diverse Community
We believe that working with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and thinking
styles helps us discover better sense of personal feelings, grow our community and
become better.


Our Beers

Suprieme IPA


We were inspired to craft this beer by “Black Square” painting. With this artwork Kazimir Malevich introduced new art style - Suprematism. It refers to the supremacy of pure feelings rather than objects.


It has trong balanced tropical aroma, round fruit and juicy taste, tangible pineapple notes a bit sweet with moderate bitter aftertaste. Light and easy drinking with complex set of flavours that you can savor for a long time. 

Close your eyes, feel the power of flavors and enjoy.

Mom's Cream Ale


Description will come soon!



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